Prescription Medications

Cholesterol lowering drugs can kill your heart!

More than 39 million Americans take statin drugs to lower their cholesterol. The problem is, most doctors won’t tell them about one deadly side effects:- Statin drugs completely deplete your levels of Coenzyme Q10 ( or CoQ10 )

What is CoQ10?

CoQ10 is the “energy switch” that sparks all 100 trillion cells in our body, especially our heart. Without sufficient CoQ10, your heart won’t have the unlimited energy it needs to keep pumping. Eventually, lack of sufficient CoQ10 will cause our heart to gasp, sputter and eventually fail.

Aspirin: The Shocking Truth


If you’ve been following the news, then you know that aspirin has been THE recommended solution to thin your blood, prevent blood clots, and protect your brain, lungs and heart.

Why? Because aspirin blocks the function of platelets so your blood cannot clot well. But now, new research is punching holes through the aspirin story, and you deserve to know the whole truth.

I recently came across five studies; The Primary Prevention Project, The Physician’s Health Study, The Thrombosis Prevention Trial, The Hypertension Optimal Treatment Study, and the British Doctors’ Trial. All of these came to the same startling conclusions:

Taking aspirin results in a minuscule reduction of heart attack risk (less than one percent in those with a low baseline of risk)… can increase major bleeding episodes… and may even cause blood veins to break leaving you bruised.

The Hypertension Optimal Treatment (HOT) Study confirms this dangerous flaw of aspirin, in this study 18,790 hypertensive patients took 75 mg of aspirin or a placebo daily for 3.8 years, and the aspirin group had more risk than benefit.

The aspirin group reduced cardiovascular events by 15% and heart attacks by 36%, BUT increased major internal bleeding by 65%!

And a study reported in the American Heart Journal concludes that aspirin is dangerous and ineffective for people with heart failure, In this study 279 patients with heart failure took on average 300 mg of aspirin, a popular blood thinning prescription drug or nothing. The results were astounding!

  • Those taking aspirin got ZERO health benefits.
  • There was NO difference in incidences of death, non-fatal heart attacks, or non-fatal strokes between the aspirin group and those taking nothing.
  • Those taking aspirin INCREASED their risk of serious G.I. bleeding.
  • And those taking aspirin were TWICE as likely to be hospitalized for heart complications compared to the blood thinning drug group.
  • Here are some quotes from M.D.’s in regard to prescription drugs…

    “Drugs never cure disease. They merely hush the voice of nature’s protest, and pull down the danger signals she erects along the pathway of transgression. Any poison taken into the system has to be reckoned with later on even though it palliates present symptoms. Pain may disappear, but the patient is left in a worse condition, though unconscious of it at the time.”

    – Daniel. H. Kress, M.D.

    “The cause of most diseases is in the poisonous drugs physicians superstitiously give in order to effect a cure.”

    – Charles E. Page M.D.

    “The person who takes medicine must recover twice, once from the disease and once from the medicine.”

    – William Osler, M.D.

    Blood Thinners Aren’t Much Better!


    What about prescription blood thinners?

    Millions of Americans are taking them every single day, so they must be okay right? WRONG! They’re built on a foundation that’s about as solid as a house of cards.

    For example, one popular prescription blood thinner is used to keep your blood thin where stroke risk is high or where deep clots in veins have developed. It’s a best-seller, racking up $212 million in sales in 2005 alone. It does help prevent strokes, but it has a BIG SIDE EFFECT: Spontaneous bleeding anywhere in your body. What’s more… did you know it contains the same active ingredient found in rat poison? This is an outrage!

    If that’s not bad enough, the FDA recently demanded that the company which manufactures this drug must put a “Black Box” warning label on it (the highest warning label on any drug.) And why not, considering its side effects include:

  • Major or fatal bleeding
  • An allergic reaction (difficulty breathing, closing of throat and swelling of lips)
  • Black, bloody or tarry stools
  • Coughing up blood
  • Blood in urine or vomiting
  • Bleeding gums or sores in the mouth
  • If you’re over 40 with diabetes be warned! More than 75% of diabetics die of heart diseases!


    A recent study from Washington University in St Louis may explain why more than 75% of diabetics die of heart disease (Journal for the American College of Cardiology, February 7, 2006).

    Diabetics have narrowed arteries because high blood sugar levels cause plaques to form and reduce the diameter of the coronary arteries.

    Another study from Sweden shows that many people discover that they are diabetic only after they have had a heart attack.

    Researchers recorded blood sugar levels in men who had had heart attacks and then did sugar tolerance tests at discharge and three months later.

    They found that 35% had diabetic sugar tolerance tests at hospital discharge and 40% had impaired sugar tolerance tests three months later (Lancet, Volume 359, 2002).

    Therefore, 40% of people who have heart attacks are diabetic, even though they may not know it. Many of the diabetics had normal HBA1C blood tests, the standard test to measure diabetic control.

    Furthermore, the patients who were unknown diabetics had a much higher rate of sudden death from their heart attacks than those who were not diabetic. The authors recommend that all people with heart attacks be tested for diabetes.

    Life-saving & effective natural heart therapies are being concealed?

    Effective natural heart therapies such as herbs are being concealed before they reach the public because the medical establishment can’t charge big bucks for them.

    If these inexpensive natural treatments happen to slip though, they are often lambasted and debunked by mainstream doctors who are more worried about their job security than your health.

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