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  * Angina
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Reason one:
Angirx™ is chemical free, made of 100% natural herbal ingredients, is proven to have no side effects, and is perfectly safe to use.

Reason two:
Angirx™ is made of 7 remarkable traditional medicinal herbs which have long been widely used in Asia to clear clogged arteries and restore health.

Reason three:
Angirx™ has been extensively researched, evaluated, clinically tested, and proven effective! This product is being sold in Japan and has been doing very well for a few years now.

Reason four:
Angirx™ is the first product that combines eastern herbs and western technology to provide an effective and safe treatment to those with heart disease. It consist of a completely different formulation not found in any other product.

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New advancements in natural cardiovascular health: Popular anti-artery clogging formula Angirx™ reformulates with serrapeptase enzymes

Insufficient blood flow to and from the heart and brain is the basis for dangerous and painful medical conditions such as angina, heart attacks and strokes.

Stress, diet, and generally unhealthy lifestyles are all external risk factors. you don’t have to look far to see a person or people in our lives who deal with these life-hampering issues.

With a vast population seeking relief, there are also emerging needs for alternatives to traditional surgery or potentially toxic synthetic pharmaceutical drugs.

Angirx™ is a well-known and regarded formula that is meant to help the body promote blood flow in the vital carrier arteries to and from the heart, lungs, and brain.

The goal is prevention by repetitive introduction into the blood stream of natural elements that have been shown to help the body promote proper blood flow and fight off serious health problems.

Angirx™ also utilizes EDTA, which is widely known as a substance that aids the body in plaque removal on the interior artery walls.

An exciting development in the research and evolution of Angirx™ is finding new and superior active ingredients. Angirx™ took the original formulation of the extract and built on it,  creating a more potent and effective product for you.

Serrapeptase is an enzyme derived naturally from silkworms. The excitement surrounding serrapeptase is simple; tests are showing that  works more effectively in clearing plaque from artery walls with fewer side-effect complications than EDTA.

Serrapeptase naturally digests non-living tissue, It effectively eliminates blood clots, cysts, inflammation, and arterial plaque. By eliminating inflammation and non-living tissue it relieves the symptoms related to clogged arteries and allows for the promotion of the natural healing processes in the body.

This substance has been used for 25 years and no side-effects have been reported. The interaction of the herbal formula of Angirx™ and the power of Serrapeptase is an exciting opportunity to create more effective help for people with common problems and health risks associated with plaque build-up in the arteries.

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Learn more about Angirx™ Ingredients here…

This inexpensive therapy will let you say goodbye
to these life threatening symptoms…

check-1Chest discomfort in the central area such as tightness, heaviness, numbness, aching, pressure, fullness, burning, or squeezing (known as angina pectoris or angina).

check-1Pain or discomfort in areas closed to the heart such as the arms, the left shoulder, back, neck, or jaw.

check-1Rapid irregular heart-beat or skipped heart beat.

check-1Shortness of breath & extreme fatigue.

check-1Light-headed, dizziness or severe headache.

check-1Cold sweat or sweating.

check-1Loss of balance when walking, difficulty of speech, or difficulty understanding speech.

check-1Unable to move one side of the body like your arms, legs, and face.

check-1Extreme weakness, numbness or anxiety.

check-1The feeling of being full or choking

check-1Nausea or vomiting.


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These amazing herbs can help you stop & prevent
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Angirx™ is a joint effort of Chinese and Western scientific research. This makes Angirx™ a truly remarkable product that transcends borders and exceeds all expectations.

When we combine all of our herbal ingredients through a closely guarded proprietary process, we have a formulation so potent and effective that it benefits all who choose to take it!

Angirx™ is produced by employing a Proprietary Process based on Revolutionary nano-extraction technology to extract the essence of traditional herbal medicines. It’s the nano-particles that make Angirx™ so effective.

Angirx™ is the absolute best therapy you can easily use to help heart attacks & strokes. But…  Angirx™ is no miracle pill.

Do not expect your angina pain to go away tomorrow after using Angirx™, this isn’t “snake oil”. Also, don’t think for a second this product will work if you do not participate in a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

If you’re on a healthy diet and do minimal exercise within 15-60 days after using Angirx™ you’ll see improvement and your symptoms will gradually dissipate. If you have any questions about Angirx™ please send me an email and I’ll personally answer your question within 48 – 72 hours.

You decide!

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You’re protected by a full 60 day money back guarantee. So if at any time during the 60 day period you’re not satisfied with Angirx™ in any way at all, simply return the unused portion for a full refund. No questions asked!

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