I felt results in just 15 days! 

“I have noticed a dramatic improvement in 15 days from taking your product, Angirx™. It is fantatic! Keep up the good work.”

— Johnson M., Alamosa, CO

My blood pressure is back to normal

“I have been taking Angirx™ for nearly half a year and I’m pleased to report that my blood pressure has dropped from 194/94 to 147/78! Thank you for making available this great product.”

— Mandy L. Alum Rock, CA

Angina pain is almost gone

“I have tried your oral chelation product and I can say that it has reduced at least 80% of my chest pain. I’m confident that my chest pain will be gone 100% in 3 more months.”

— Jean M., Provo, Utah

My cholesterol went way down

“Angirx™ has stopped my shortness of breath and I can walk up stairs (I live in the 3rd floor) without having to stop to catch my breath. I am completely sold on your product.”

— Eddie, Salem, Oregon

No more living in fear of another stroke

“I had a stroke 3 years ago and I was living in fear of another stroke or even a heart attack.  But after taking Angirx™, I haven’t experienced any chest pain which I used to experience at least twice a month and I’m able to jog for 2-3 miles with no problem, which it was an impossible task for me before.” 

— Anderson., Rapid City, South Dakota

No more skipped heartbeats

“I had a heart attack two years ago and I’d been experiencing skipped heartbeats ever since. My doctor couldn’t help me stop my irregular heartbeats. My friend introduced me to Angirx™ and to my surprise, my skipped heartbeats were gradually gone after 3 months of taking Angirx™. “

— Heisnot., Fremont, California

I stopped taking blood thinner

“I’ve been taking blood thinner to help my blood circulation as I was having numbness on both my hands and feet. But after Taking Angirx™, the numbness was gone, so I stopped taking blood thinner. Now, I don’t experience any numbness.”

— May C., Ogden, UT


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